As is apparent, the WomanKraft Art Center is housed in a beautiful 1918 Queen Ann Victorian, complete with  a second story, Turret, Heirloom Tamarisk trees, and even the original fireplace. We adore our building, lovingly referred to as “The Castle”.

During the months of January and August, we close our gallery and continue with much needed renovations and maintenance to keep our Castle in shape.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to share documentation of what we have been up to. Feel like helping out? We can always use volunteers. Give us a call at (520)629-9976.

Here is a gallery of recent projects. In January, we began with cleaning of 3 hidden storage closets, impassable when we started. Josh Smith, Grace and Zoe Rhyne, Richard Michaels and Gayle Swanbeck headed the endeavor. Our gallery storage is now in place, complete with shelves for our Cabaret Tables, cushions, and event chairs. Our Tool closet is cleaned, re-organized and in order. Once we had storage squared away, we began on the School of the Arts, which was ready for a new paint job. We patched, painted and re-hung 142 pieces of Art. The floor was waxed, new tablecloths were laid down, and an enormous portion of supplies re-organized.

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