Tony Di Angelis Studio 102

Tony Di Angelis Studio 102
“Box of Sunshine”
Studio 102 – 388 S. Stone Avenue
Regular hours: Weds – Sat 1-5 PM. Extended hours during special events.
(520) 293-6575

In December of 2015 Tony Di Angelis moved into Studio 102, located North of WomanKraft’s main building and entrance. Tony can often be found painting in his studio, or helping around WomanKraft, and we highly recommend visiting his beautiful studio space. His colorful work and welcoming personality is a great asset to WomanKraft.

Tony has been painting since age 5 and began exhibiting art in grade school competitions.  His work is represented in several collections, mostly in Southern California.  In 2008 Tony relocated his studio to Tucson, Arizona where he continue to paint, now finding inspiration from the desert solitude.

Tony approaches the canvas with spontaneous strokes loaded with thick color and heavy textures.  People feel invited to touch the paintings because of the tactile qualities.  Mythology, flowers and faces are some of the inspirations executed in a direct, in the moment fashion, with exaggerated color.

Art Critics have said: “The neon beauty of Tony Di Angelis’ paintings is immediately evident when the viewer glances at them; the electric color and line reveal a unique symbology and vision.  Unencumbered by conventional painting ideas, Di Angelis saturates his canvases with brilliant tones and exuberant texture.  His paintings explore continuous and broken movement and create a multi-layered surface undulating with kinetic energy”.

If you would like to get in contact with Tony please call (520) 293-6575
Or visit him on facebook
or the web here:
And see some of his work in recent exhibits at WomanKraft by clicking here.